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ARTChicago Video Arcade
Merchandise Mart, Chicago, illinois

Installed in the main foyer of the Merchandise Mart for Art Chicago 2007, “Video Arcade” is a series of four free-standing mini-theaters that screen an international list of artists and a live-processing video environment designed by LA-based media artist Dorsey Dunn.

Two cameras record art fair attendees as they approach the exhibit space. Several projectors project this feed at time-delayed intervals on the two leading walls of the Arcade in a series of delayed captures of the viewing audience within the lobby itself; these images wander backward and forward through the very recent past, always just a few moments away, never quite reaching a mirror of real-time. It is a review of the very short window of experience that appears to be the present. The effect is both ephemeral and self-reflective as one sees him- or herself in several projections in different time delays while moving through the exhibit.

Several types of mini-theaters were designed to accommodate different moods and modes of viewing to work with the artists’ pieces. Several different artists’ work is projected within each mini-theater. Transducers integrated into the modules’ surfaces provide sound for each mini-theater. The four mini-theaters are positioned to create two long-view spaces for viewing of the time-delayed piece and several intimate spaces between the theaters within the very large foyer.