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Arts Center

Leveraging of latent complexities — of program, of physical forces, of urban dynamics, of site — we created architectural form to provoke new types of collective associations. The new Arts Center as an opportunity to organize existing and new audiences and to create a strong identity. The site’s location and rich adjacencies mean that the design of the building has the potential to change the gravitational pull of the campus. The dual ambitions for the center to serve as a gateway or a bridge to the wider city and the world as well as a scaffold for thinking and making reveal the inherent complexity of the project from the start. In our design for the building the individual programs function, yet where possible and desirable, different student bodies are mixed. These social condensers are, where appropriate, public and visible to the wider public audience. The potential complication of phasing construction offers an interesting opportunity for audience-making through a clear vision for the building’s parts to whole relationship. We consider the project being phased in its construction as a design opportunity, and imagine the possibility of the building having different figural qualities at each stage of its growth — an idea that can further broadcast the Arts Center to the city.

Designed in collaboration with Central Standard Office and Studio Blue

Phase: Design Proposal