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Navy Pier Design Competition

Chicago is known for its penchant to “make no little plans” as Daniel Burnham memorably pronounced over a century ago. And so today, Chicago’s most popular attraction, Navy Pier is revisiting Burnham’s legacy as it reimages its potential as a world class cultural destination. To help realize Navy Pier’s ambitious design goals, a team led by !melk, UrbanLab and HOK has proposed a series of dramatic ideas to reconceptualize Chicago’s preeminent exclamation point extending from the Great Lakes to the world.

The design team strongly believes that to appreciate the magnitude of the Great Lakes people must get close to them…and then get even closer. This closeness is at the heart of their approach. The team has found several ways to inspire people to experience the power of the Great Lakes in multiple states. The team’s boldest water-based design proposal is the “Glacier.” The icon embraces water in all its states, especially in the winter when onboard waterfalls create flows of ice freezing the tower into a glacier. It will surely become the next must-see global attraction... read more at ArchDaily.