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Echo Park Residence
Los Angeles, California

Located on a steep hill overlooking Echo Park in Los Angeles, the residence is conceived as two distinct spaces: the lower level is excavated from the hill, it is a living room that is both inside and outside; and, the upper level is peeled up from the steep slope, It contains the private spaces of the house, including a studio and two bedrooms. Excavating into the hill has several advantages including tapping into a nearly constant (55 degree) hill temperature due to the natural insulating properties of the surrounding rock. Additional sustainable features include: passive sun shading with operable window panels (perforated for cool summer light); a rain screen fa├žade reduces building heat gain and improves overall building enclosure performance; all materials and building practices are locally sourced; and, a super insulated building envelope minimizes energy use. Construction of the final operable/perforated facade will be complete in 2018.

Phase: Construction