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Mohawk House
Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, this 8000 sf new residence is four stories, and located on a 50’ wide lot. In order to mitigate a prescribed massive volume, a series of tactical removals at multiple scales was undertaken: the back of the house volume was sliced to create an angled plane; a courtyard-sized volume was removed from the top floor; and smaller scale removals (from the punched window openings to the brick pattern) were deployed to dematerialize the very large structure. A landscape surface connects the basement level and ground level to the green roof above the garage creating a “hill.” Sustainability was considered throughout the project. A hi-efficiency radiant hydronic (insulated) slab heating system reduces natural gas requirements in the winter to improve overall thermal comfort and indoor air quality, and reduce particulates in air distribution during the winter months. We incorporated extra exterior wall insulation, solar orientation, and solar shading in the design of the project.

Photographer: Michelle Litvin