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Morgan Street Live+Work
Chicago, Illinois

The Morgan Street project is a 3000 SF mixed-use live + work building. The first floor (1500 SF) is an office and the second floor (1500 SF) is a residence. The building is new “ground-up” construction. Prior to construction, the site was occupied by a run-down grocery store that required immediate demolition. Instead of wrecking the building and removing the debris to a suburban landfill, we choose to recycle the demo on-site and mold a gentle slope into a landscape hill. The residential loft is raised and rotated to access the crest of the prairie grass-planted recycled-materials mound, giving the second floor a direct connection to the ground. The second floor is a prefabricated structural bridge, which connects the mound and an extensive green-roof (the green-roof covers the office).

photographer: Matthew Messner