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Clustered Quad
East Lansing, Michigan

Clustered Quad at MSU is designed to accommodate several densely packed uses such as student housing, academic facilities, learning and leisure environments, shopping areas, and open spaces. Clustered Quad is a small city in itself, but is also designed to complement and help strengthen East Lansing’s college-oriented downtown area just across Grand River Avenue. Downtown East Lansing is within a short walk for hundreds, perhaps thousands of MSU students living and learning in the Quad. By creating a higher, concentrated population density, the Quad and downtown area will become connected “co-environments” friendly to the presence of people living, studying, working, shopping, visiting, and spending time together. Increased cooperation between university and city will promote the continued economic growth of both. Increased social interaction between students and East Lansing residents will strengthen community ties and increase a sense of pride of both. Increased walkability will decrease reliance on cars and diminish the automobile footprint of the larger community.

Clustered Quad is designed to connect various existing, new and proposed building projects while forming a strong sense of identity, centrality and community for the MSU campus. Clustered Quad is dense with new programmatic possibilities in close proximity to East Lansing’s main business, residential and entertainment district.

Clustered Quad is part of
East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned

Exhibition photos by Trumpie Photography