Eco-Boulevards from UrbanLab on Vimeo.


Chicago, Illinois

The Eco-Boulevard concept re-conceptualizes current roadway designs on a case-by-case basis (over time) to create a preferred breed of performance-based infrastructural landscapes. Integration and connectivity between ecological and social systems is the key breakthrough toward the cultivation of a healthy ecosystem. Benefits of Eco-Boulevards include the following interdependent, multifunctional systems:

Social: The project evenly spreads the amenity of open green space throughout the city, stitching together historic ethnic and economic boundaries. Public space is created for diverse socialization and play.

Environmental: Beyond a sustainable water system, the project creates a significant city-wide reduction of urban heat island (UHI) effect; increased organic filtration of pollutants and CO2 in the air; filtration of pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater.

Energy: Reducing levels of runoff entering storm-sewers significantly reduces energy loads (and GHG emissions) because pumping and treating rainwater in a single centralized location is energy intensive.