Growing Water: future plan of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

The Growing Water project addresses a report from the United Nations that two out of every three people in the world will be facing water shortages by 2025, a situation that will inevitably lead to global conflict. While the United States is by and large considered to have adequate water resources, water scarcity and droughts occur regularly throughout the country. Water shortages are even routinely reported in cities directly adjacent to the Great Lakes, which hold 20% of the Earth’s freshwater and 95% of the freshwater in the U.S. To counter these disturbing trends, the Growing Water project envisions Chicago evolving into a model city for recycling or growing its water by creating a series of approximately fifty “Eco-Boulevards” spread democratically throughout the city.Currently, UrbanLab is working with City of Chicago officials to further research, design, and develop aspects of the Eco-Boulevard project.

See the Growing Water website.

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Phase: Ongoing