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Vertical Farms
Great Lakes Region

Chicago Metabolism addresses the nexus between the three most vital resources to human life and contemporary urban lifestyles: water, food and energy. The project is anchored by the design of both a (1) Vertical Production Farm to grow plants/fish at high capacity year-round and a (2) BioTech Incubator Vertical Farm to house R&D driven companies active in Life Sciences, Agro Tech and Bio Energy. Energy security via renewable resources is paramount, to this end, a 4mW power plant transforming human waste into electricity and heat is under design development. Lastly, the project re-conceives the Chicago street-grid as an ecological treatment system that make use of natural bioremediation processes to remove contaminants from storm-water and wastewater sources. Once proven financially feasible, The City of Chicago believes this demonstration project has the potential to be replicated throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Phase: Ongoing