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Yangming Archipelago
Changde, Hunan, China

Our master plan seeks to establish a paradigm of man living in balance with nature. A densely concentrated urban plan, packed with a full variety of functions and building types, is integrated with mountains, lakes, parks and canals, resulting in an environment which promotes both health and prosperity. As a new center within the larger city of Changde, Yangming Archipelago proposes to offer a new model for the future of the Chinese city. Advanced environmental engineering, pedestrian planning, cluster zoning, and garden integration, are all made part of a holistic strategy of design in this healthy city.

Radiating from the water’s edge is a series of canals, or “Eco-Boulevards” allowing for mixed-use transport options from the city center to any one of eight districts. Each district houses includes a village center featuring a shopping area, and other public functions. These neighborhoods are highly connected to one another. The geometry of the city plan allows for a highly efficient bus transport system, reducing potential pollution and energy use.

Overall, the design of Yangming Archipelago allows the vitality of a dense metropolis to be combined with the beneficial qualities of a natural setting. This forward looking community will benefit from and promote the development of new technologies. Both a major convention and exposition center, and an R+D sector will encourage Chinese and foreign businesses to consider this an ideal place to demonstrate new ideas about the way we live. As a functional center, Yangming Archipelago will serve as an urban model, we expect it to lead the way to a new way of thinking about the city of the future.