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Shane Campbell Gallery
2021 S Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60616

Shane Campbell Gallery is an 8,550 SF adaptive reuse renovation of a masonry and bowstring truss building in the South Loop. The program includes galleries, offices, conference rooms, a photo studio, and a storage warehouse.

The primary design concept for each gallery is simplicity and minimal aesthetic intervention. The idea is for visitors to visually engage artworks without becoming distracted by architectural and building systems. Each gallery is designed so that the artwork – its surface and materiality, lightness and weight, form and shape -- engages the viewer in simplified space. Like minimalist artists, our aim is to create space by decreasing unnecessary building elements, surface textures and even color. Less detail allows for added emphasis on basic architectural elements, many of them (beautiful) “found objects” present within the existing building: the bowstring roof structure, the concrete floor, building scale, proportion, and light. Our design process positions the artwork itself as the essential component of the gallery. But rather than create a (more conventional) relationship of architecture framing art, our goal is for the art to interactively encompass the viewer (architectural space sets the relationship in motion).

Photos courtesy of Shane Campbell Gallery

Phase: Complete