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Upton's Naturals
2054 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Upton's Naturals is a 10,000 sf new construction building on the west side of Chicago. The program includes cafe, food processing, offices, yoga studio, apartment and roof deck. The owners of Upton's Naturals make unique vegan food with ingredients that are simple and healthful. The design of the building follows this same sensibility: simple, clean, uncomplicated and sustainable design concepts led to highly affordable construction solutions. Prefabricated concrete wall panels provide structure, insulation and final finishes (both outside and in).

The building is designed to be highly adaptable to anticipated and unanticipated changing programmatic circumstances. For example, the pre-cast concrete wall system is a flexible armature for future structural connections: entire floors or subfloors can be added within the building envelop without the need to build (costly) new internal foundations for columns or other vertical structural components. Additionally, an interior double-height space (with a floor-to-floor height of 40 feet in the main food processing area of the building) is a flexible volume to accommodate changing needs. For example, the freezer can be configured as a single story unit with storage above (current condition), or changed to a multi-story unit to make way for additional floor space in the production area of the building. In the future, this double-height space could also be utilized for offices or long term storage if required.

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Michelle Litvin
, Christopher Sturman (Dwell)

Phase: Complete